Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Definition of Family

Family institution is a basic unit in society. There are various definitions have been given in explaining the term ‘family’. Even though, family is smallest unit in a society, this institution is the most important medium in shaping an individual is character and life it is regarded as the first and the right place to educate a person.

A family is a primary social group, a small community in society, typically consisting of a man and a woman, or any two individuals who wish to share their lives together in a long-term committed relationship with one another, raising offspring and usually reside in the same home.

Family also can be defined as the main building block of a community. Family structure and upbringing determine the social character and personality of any given society. Family is an important place where people learn about love, caring, compassion, ethics, honesty, fairness, common sense, reason, peaceful conflict resolution respect to others, which are the vital fundamental skills and important family values necessary in one’s life in order live an honourable and prospers life.

The family has also been viewed as a form of social group, a group held together by a common purpose. Although the family is indeed a social group, it is a social group that is very distinct when compared to other social groups. This is because family is a medium that can develop an individual characteristic and behavior.

Besides, family is also defined as a unit of people connected by genealogical link, most basically and ideally consisting of a father and mother with their children or in a means which morally and legally replicates these natural genealogical such as through adoption. Although there is various definition of family, all of these definitions argue that the basics family is defined as parents and a child or children.

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